How can I evaluate Monitors AnyWhere without any additional hardware?

How can I evaluate Monitors AnyWhere without any additional hardware?

Download the following software:

Download Monitors AnyWhere
Download the Screen Emulator

The zip file contains three items:
  • 32bit – idispapp.exe
  • 64bit – idispapp.exe
Install iDisplaySetup.exe and reboot the PC after the installation completed successfully.

Run the idispapp and a new window will appear and will virtually extend your desktop on that new window.

Now Your PC has two screens: Your primary screen and the virtual one you’ve just added. The idispapp can be minimized and it will keep on running in the background. You can run the dispapp multiple times and add more virtual extended desktops to your PC. (up to six extended monitors)


System Requirements: Works on Windows 7, 8/8.1, 10 or Server 2008/2012 Only.

Please Note:
This emulator was developed to enable our customers to test our software and to experience its features and capabilities.
Without the HDMI over LAN zero clients you won’t be able to experience the full capacity nor the performances of our solution.

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