How to configure SSL / HTTPS link for MAWi Server

How to configure SSL link for MAWi Server

How to configure SSL link for MAWi Server

(v2 - Updated 29.12.2020)

This guide will give step-by-step instructions on how to configure an SSL link to the MAWi server platform.

Here we will show how to use the free service for creating the SSL certificate.

In the same way, you can use any valid SSL service available in the market. 

In case you already have a certificate installed in your IIS server, you can skip this part.

1. How to acquire SSL certificate from ‘SSL For Free’

Example Server details:

External IP address or Domain name:

Create a certificate for your domain > You will require to register and then it will open the following dashboard:

Click on New Certificate > enter your IP or Domain name again:

Click on the Next Step and Finalize your Free order > Now you will need to validate your IP or Domain name:

In case you are using a Domain name, simply add a CNAME record in your DNS admin panel. In case you are using an IP address, please follow the steps shown below:

Here you are instructed to download a txt file and place it in the following directory:


In order to create such folder you will have to create a Virtual Folder:

  1. Create a folder on the C-drive, name it “well-known”. Create another folder named pki-validation. Example: C:\well-known\pki-validation

  2. Place the text file in the “pki-validation” folder.

  3. Open the IIS Manager on the server, right-click on your site and select Add Virtual Directory....

  4. In the Alias entry fill in “.well-known” and in the Psychical Path entry fill in the path to the Well Known folder. Example: C:\well-known

End with OK, the folder and files within should work properly now and are reachable over the Internet.

You are now ready to verify the IP or Domain name:

Go to Certificates and select to Download the certificate of your IP or Domain:

After downloading the ZIP file, extract it on your local machine and now we need to convert it into PFX file. Go to the following website:

On the Type to convert, change to PFX/PKC5#12:

Then this page will load:

Choose the 3 files as shown above and click on the “Convert Certificate” button.

Three files will be generated (PFX, CRT, KEY) - copy them to the PC that runs the IIS Server. 

2. How to apply your SSL certificate in your IIS Server

To apply the SSL Certificate in IIS Server, open the IIS Server Console:

Select “Server Certificates” :

Click on Import... :

Select the PFX file that was generated in the previous section or your own certificate and click OK.

Once done, your certificate is ready to be assigned to your site.

3. How to assign a certificate to your MAWi site

In the IIS Server, open the Sites section and select the MAWWeb.Client site:

Click on Bindings > Add...

Change the Type to HTTPS >

Port can be 443 or any other port you select >

Hostname should be set with your DNS assigned hostname > 

Tick the ‘Require Server Name Indication> 

SSL Certificate - Select your certificate > OK

Restart your Site:

Perform the same for the MAWWeb.Server site.

4. The last step is to change the config file for the gateway:

Go to:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Monitors AnyWhere\Web.Client\assets\config

Edit the file: development.json

Change to the following:






Replace “” with your own hostname or IP address.

Once done, you can try logging in to MAWi dashboard over SSL:

5. Connect MAWi Client over SSL

After following the above steps, you can now connect the MAWi Client over SSL:

Local Gateway IP: set with your own hostname or IP

Gateway Port: 443 or any other port assigned for the SSL connection

Tick the option “Use HTTPS connection”

Click on New Certificate > enter your IP or Domain name again: