How to install MAWi's DB on a remote SQL Server

How to install MAWi's DB on a remote SQL Server


In this article we will walk you through the process of installing MAWi Server on one machine and the Database will be installed on a remote machine.  This scenario is mostly used when your organization is using a central SQL Server machine to store its database instances.


1. MAWi database can be installed on SQL Server 2014 or higher.  

2. Enable TCP/IP connection to your Database:

- Open the "SQL Server Configuration Manager" 
- Expand the "SQL Server Network Configuration"
- In the "Protocols for <YOUR DB INSTANCE NAME>", make sure the TCP/IP is set to Enabled:

3. Enable the ports in the firewall

4. SQL Server Browser is enabled:

5. Make sure you are using a user with full admin rights in the database (DBA) or you've the SA password for the remote database.

Installation of the MAWi Server

In this guide we will only show how to install the MAWi Server part, but you can also select to install MAWi Agent on the same machine.

1. Start the MAWi Installer and you select the MAWi Server instance:

2. Click on the "Additional Settings" to expand this section:

Click on the "Connect to remote SQL Server"

3. In the following step, fill in the remote database server's IP or hostname, and if necessary enter the instance name: 

Data source: <IP address>\<Instance name>
Windows Authentication: if used, it will try to initiate a connection with the current NT user account.
Username and Password: if the "Windows Authentication" option is not checked, you can either login with a different username and password or with SA account.

4. When you click on the "Check Connection" button, it will check if the installer managed to connect to the remote database server and if it has the required permissions.

If yes - it will allow you to proceed with the installation process.
If no - please check the Pre-requirements section of this guide. 

5. Once the installation process is done, you can login to your MAWi console with the username and password you've selected.