run IIS Express without user login

How to run IIS Express without user login


The IIS Express is the component that runs the MAWi webapp in case you are using a Windows10 operating system.
It's set to run after 90 seconds from user logon by a Task set in the Task Scheduler of Windows10. 
In this guide we will walk you through the steps on how to set the Task to run after system startup, without the need to login with any user.

Follow the steps here:

1. Click start, type "Task Scheduler" - Right click over Task Schedule and select "Run as Administrator" 

2. Inside Task Scheduler - Task Scheduler Library double click MawiServer - Change User or Group -  Enter the user name (local Administrator) - Check Names - the name should change to "HOSTNAME"\"LocalAdmin" - Click OK

3. Confirm the user name and select the option "Run whether user is logged on or not" and click ok.

4. After clicking OK Task Scheduler will as for the userĀ“s credentials, Check if the user name is correct  and enter the password, click OK.



In case you are running the IIS Express with a different user than the one used to install MAWi, please make sure to copy
the following folder in full to the other account:


In that folder, the file applicationhost.config contains the settings for the MAWi Webapp.