Mastering Multi-Screen Video Playback: PotPlayer and MAWi Guide

Displaying Multiple Videos on Different Screens in MAWi with PotPlayer


In the following guide, we will illustrate the process of running multiple videos on multiple screens using the MAWi software from a single PC. For this demonstration, we will utilize PotPlayer as our multimedia player.

PotPlayer is a user-friendly freeware application compatible with various video formats.


First we will download install PotPlayer on the host PC.

Tested and fully supported version by MAWi can be downloaded from here:

Make it a standard installation and click Next thru all the process.

Setting up PotPlayer

Start PotPlayer (icon should appear on the desktop) then open the Preferences window
(press on the F5 key or right click on the player window and select Preferences).

Go to:

General > Auto check for updates > Set it to: Never

Uncheck the checkbox ‘Auto Download…’

Go to:

General > Skin and check the checkbox “Auto hide main window skin…

Go to:

Playback > Default windows size > Set it to: Maximize (to Desktop)

On the Repeat video playback  set it to : Enable: Repeat playlist

Go to Aspect Ratio and set the AR Mode to Stretch by keeping Aspect Ratio

Set up PotPlayer as a launcher in MAWi

First you will need to add Pot Players are a Launcher, you can click here to follow the guide to add a new Launcher. 

Follow the same steps from this guide to create the playlists and run multiple videos on different screens, select POT player as a default launcher for the playlist.