How to set the MAWi Player to work with the Online Monitors AnyWhere

How to set the MAWi Player to work with the Online Monitors AnyWhere

Setting up the MAWi Player

1. Connecting the device

Connect the MAWi Player device to the screen with the HDMI cable provided.

Connect the device to the network either with a wired ethernet cable or over wifi.

Plug the power adapter into the mains and to the device and make sure the device boots up.

Recommended option:

Connect a mouse to the USB port of the MAWi Player. It will help you with the initial setup steps.

2. Network connection


Once the MAWi Player is connected to the network and a DHCP server is available, it will be automatically assigned an IP address.

To assign it with a static IP address go to the Settings of the Android Device > Network & Internet > Ethernet > IP Settings > Static.


3. Select General


After the initial setup process, this menu will show up: 

 Please select "General" with the mouse.

In case you've selected "spacedesk" by mistake, please run the process for factory reset:

4. Go to applications and run the Playr app 

Select the applications menu and then click on the Playr app:


  5. Register the device 

When the application loads this window will load:



Open the Online Monitors Anywhere Dashboard:

Go to Settings > Players

Enter the 4 digits code in the 'Registration Code' field:



Once done, click 'Register' for it to complete this process.

After a few seconds, your channel will start loading and will play when all content is buffered.