Unlocking Efficiency: A Comprehensive Guide to Utilizing the Manage System Menu

How to use the Manage System console


In this guide, we will walk you through the different options in the Manage System console.
The Manage System is mainly used to control multiple Agent PC in a scenario where you have more than a single site or multiple agent PCs at the same site.

Open the Manage System console

In the Main Dashboard, expand the option´s list using the down-arrow, open "Admin Panel"

Select the Manage System menu item:

In the Manage System console, you will be able to control all the locations that are installed with MAWi Agent.
All the MAWi agents are listed with their location name,

You can easily change the Location name either in the MAWi Agent settings window:

Or in the Manage System console:

Click on the location´s name to show more information about the PC's Hardware specs and Agent´s version:

You can filter the view to see the locations that are currently Active, Inactive or all locations:

Available options in the Manage System console are:

Update Agent - Push an updated version of the Agent. (We recommend that Server and Agent's versions are the same)

Restart            - This option will send a Restart command to the MAWi Agent host PC.

Shut down      - This option will send a Shutdown command to the MAWi Agent host PC.

Schedule         - Set a schedule for a reboot or turn off MAWi Agent host PC,
                         - Schedule the screens to turn on or off.

Disconnect      - This option will disconnect the MAWi Agent from the server and the login screen will re-appear.

Clean               - Remove content that is running via a playlist on the screens that are managed by the MAWi Agent.

Delete             - Delete the location from the list, this will also disconnect MAWi Agent from the server.

Updating the MAWi Agent's version via the Manage System console

It's important to ensure that the user has the necessary permissions to install applications on the system; otherwise, the upgrade process will not be successful.

1. Begin by uploading the new version into the system by clicking on the settings wheel.

Click on 'Browse file' to select the new setup file of the new version:

2. Following the upload, choose the agents you want to upgrade and click on 'Update Agent'.

3. The upgrade process will commence, and upon completion, you will receive a notification confirming the successful upgrade of the agent.

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