How to Use MAWChrome Launcher for Playing URLs and Other File Types (PDF, Images, WBEM, and YouTube Videos)

How to use MAWChrome Launcher for playing URLs and other file types (PDF,Images,WBEM and Youtube videos)


MAWChrome Launcher is our custom build Chromium-based Browser, which allows you to send URLs in full screen, make smooth transitions between 2 or more different URLs or refresh the same URL every certain time without closing it which creates a seamless refresh of the information on the screen.

Since version 1.81 MAWChrome also supports the following file types: PDF,JPEG,PNG,GIF,WBEM and Youtube videos.

How to send a single URL

Create a new playlist in MAWi, Add a Name to the Playlist in this case we use "MAW Chrome Launcher Test", Go to "Add new item", Select "Add URL" tab, and enter the URL that you want to display, from the list "Open with..." select MAWChromeLauncher, and hit save, Click "Finish" to save and close the playlist.

How to send two or more URLs one after the other

Following the same procedure from Step 1, inside "Set Duration" you can select how for how long MAWi will show that URL (default time is 5:00 Minutes), then mark the option "Add Another", click save, and follow the same step to add a second URL, set "Duration Time" and keep selecting "Add Another" until you have finished entering the needed URLs, click "Save" the list of URLs will be visible and then click "Finish" to save the playlist, this option will scroll between URLs on the playlist seamlessly.

How to refresh the same URL after a specific time

You can refresh the same URL without closing it, the content will reload and refresh based on the time entered as "Set Duration"  Follow the same steps to add a URL, then select add another and enter exactly the same parameters, and click save, on the list of Items you will see the same URL twice, click "Finish".

How to save credentials using MAW Chrome Launcher

MAW Chrome Launcher is able to save the credentials for the URL that are used, as long as "Auto login" is allowed on the URL, you can do this by setting a playlist following the same steps to add a URL and launch this playlist inside the Main Display, so you can interact and enter the user and password for the URL, click ALT+TAB to switch back to MAWi Dashboard, stop the playlist, and assign the playlist to the remote display. start the playlist and the credentials will be automatically entered and will go directly to the URL.

Assign the playlist to the Main Display and run it, that will open MAW Chrome Launcher inside the Main Display, enter the credentials and login.

Use ALT+Tab to move back to MAWi Dashboard and stop the playlist

Assign the playlist to the display that you want to use and use "Play", the URL will open directly using the saved credentials

How to play different file types with MAWChrome

Since version 1.081, the MAWChromeLauncher can also play the following file types:

PDF, Images (GIF,PNG,JPEG), WEBM videos.

Now you can easily load multiple items in a playlist and run them all with the MCL application, and they will all play continuously without opening different applications.

1. Upload the file you wish to play
2. Select MAWChromeLauncher from the Open With drop-down list.
3. Save the item in the playlist.

You can have multiple files played with the same MAWChromeLaucher in the same playlist and it will play them one after the other in a sequence.

How to play a Youtube video using the MAW Chrome Launcher

1. Open the Youtube website and go to the page of the video you wish to play on the screen
2. Grab the URL link from the address field, it should look like this: 

3. Create a new playlist in MAWi and add a new item, and in the URL tab paste the youtube's URL.

4. Click Save and the video is ready to be played on your screens.

How to divide the screen into different sections, each showing a different content

1. Create a new playlist and add a new item, go to the URL tab:


2. When clicking on the blue rectangle, you will see the 4 options to divide the screen. Select one of the options and you will be given the option to enter a URL for each section.

3.  Once done, you can name the item to show up with a significant name and then click on the Save button.