"Guide to Using MAW Chrome Launcher for Adding News Tickers & RSS Feeds to Displays"

How to use the MAW Chrome Launcher to Seamlessly Add News Tickers and RSS Feeds to Your Screen's Content


The MAWi offers an innovative solution, allowing users to integrate news tickers and RSS feeds directly into their screen display. This integration not only enhances the accessibility of real-time information but also enriches the user experience by keeping relevant content at the forefront.

In this article, we'll explore how to use MAWi and its MAW Chrome Launcher to transform your screen into a dynamic hub of information, ensuring you stay up-to-date with the latest updates and feeds.

How to use

Utilizing the MAW Chrome Launcher enables you to incorporate a ticker or an RSS news feed link.

There are three distinct methods to add content to the ticker area:

1. Online RSS feed 
Simply copy and paste the URL of any online RSS feed. 
For instance, you can use the RSS feed for BBC's top stories: 

2. Free text message
Create your own message and split it into various headers using the ';' symbol.
For example: `Hello world ; Good morning ; Welcome to our company`

3. Upload your own RSS file
Choose this to upload an RSS file from your device or utilize a file with your customized content.

Please note
You have the option to upload a text file along with your message. Please ensure that different entries in the file are separated by a semicolon (;).
For example, the file could include entries like:
Congratulations to our hockey team for securing the top spot in the tournament Today's English class for the 9th graders is cancelled

Adjusting Additional Settings

Accessing the 'Settings Wheel' opens the following options:

RSS Feed Configuration

- Max Age of Article: Choose how recent the displayed messages should be.
- Text Size: Adjust the size of the text in the ticker.
- Scroll Speed: Modify how fast the ticker scrolls.
- Include Title/Content: Choose whether to display only titles or include content as well.
- Text and Background Color: Customize the colors for text and background.
- Scroll Direction: Select the scrolling direction - Left to Right or Right to Left (default is Right to Left).

Clock Customization

- Show Seconds: Option to display the seconds (default: Yes).
- Format: Choose between 12-hour (e.g., 01:00:00 AM/PM) and 24-hour (e.g., 13:00:00) formats.
- Placement: Position the clock on either the left or right side of the ticker (default is on the right).

The result:

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