Resolving 'No PPT File Specified as an Argument' Error - Step-by-Step Guide

Troubleshooting: How to fix the issue "There is no PPT file specified as argument"

The MAW PPT Viewer leverages Microsoft's PowerPoint Viewer app.
It is designed to automatically install this app during its own installation process. 

If for some reason the PowerPoint Viewer wasn't downloaded and installed properly, you may encounter an error message stating,
"There is no PPT file specified as argument"
when you try to play a PPT file using the MAW PPT Viewer.

To resolve this, please navigate to the following directory:

Here, download both of these files:

Begin by installing the PowerPoint Viewer from the first link, then proceed to install SP2 from the second link. 

After doing so, try to replay your playlist. Your PPT file should now function as expected.

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