Activating Enhanced Security: How to Set Up 2FA in MAWi

Two-Factor Authentication in MAWi


To further safeguard user accounts and data, MAWi has implemented the Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) feature, providing an added layer of security beyond traditional password protection. Notably, this 2FA is compatible with any One-Time Authentication (OTA) generator available in the market.

How to set up the 2FA in MAWi

In MAWi, there are two options to activate 2FA:

1. For administrators: Navigate to the Users management console. Here, you can enable 2FA for individual users. Simply select a user to edit, then press the "Activate Two-Factor Authentication" button.

2. For individual users: Head over to the 'My Profile' console.

Under the Edit Profile section, there's an "Activate Two-Factor Authentication" button.

Next, launch your chosen Authenticator app (we're compatible with all major OTA apps, such as Google Authenticator, Authy, PingID, and more). Scan the displayed QR code.

Your Authenticator app will then produce an OTP code.
Input this code into the designated field, and re-input the user password for verification.

Upon successful setup, logging into MAWi will necessitate an authentication code.

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