Where can I download the latest Network USB Utility?

Where can I download the latest Network USB Utility?

You can download the latest Network USB Utility

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      MAWi USB combines an easy-to-use application with commercial-grade USB to HDMI adaptors. MAWi USB allows you to build a high-quality video wall at an unprecedented low cost. The content can be displayed from any Windows® laptop or PC and the video ...
    • Can I control my screens over different subnets?

      We recommend that your zero clients are on the same LAN and subnet, however we also realize that this is not always possible. The Server relies on UDP broadcast to discover the devices. This is based not on Multicast, but Unicast between the host PC ...
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      Download the trial version directly from our website https://monitorsanywhere.com/download-mawi ​
    • How to update Zero Client firmware

      1. Download the latest firmware according to the brand and model of your zero client using this link and unzip the file Latest firmware update 2. Start the 'Network USB Utility'. Before assigning the zero client to the PC (Assignment must show ...
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      If you have a DHCP server in your network you can simply connect all the zero clients to the network. Install the osBase drivers and the Network USB Utility on your control PC as per our installation guide . Start the 'Network USB ...