How to play VNC remote control session on your screens

How to play VNC remote control session on your screens


One of the common use cases of MAWi is to be able to play a remote control session via VNC on the screens.
In this article, we will walk you through the steps for playing VNC remote control session with the MAWi system.

Step1: Install the TightVNC Server on the PC that you wish to remote control into:

1. Download the TightVNC from the link below:

2. Install the Server-side only of TightVNC:

The server will run a service:

3. Make sure to set a password for the server remote connection and the administrative password:

Step 2: Install the RealVNC Viewer on the same PC where the screens are connected (MAWi Agent):

1. Download the RealVNC from the link below:
(No need to create an account)

2. Install the RealVNC Viewer and run it:

(No need to sign-in)

3. Create a new connection:

File > New Connection > enter the IP address of the PC where you installed the TightVNC Server-side.

Start a remote control session and set it to save the password:

Once the connection was established properly, you can disconnect from the remote PC.

4. Export the connection to a .vnc file:

Select the connection from the list and then click on File > Export Connections > Select where to save the file:

Set to save password:

Once done the file will be saved in the assigned folder as a .vnc file.

Step 3: Set RealVNC as a launcher in MAWi

1. Open the MAWi management console, go to the Admin panel > Manage Launchers and add a new launcher.
For more information on Launchers in MAWi, read here.

The Path for RealVNC executable is: 
C:\Program Files\RealVNC\VNC Viewer\vncviewer.exe

Step 4: Run a playlist with RealVNC launcher 

Create a new playlist, using the 'Local' tab select your location's name > select the RealVNC launcher > In the parameters field set the folder of your .vnc filename:

Save it and play it on the screen.

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