MAWi Agent introduction and initial setup

MAWi Agent Configuration Guide and troubleshooting steps

MAWi Agent is a component in MAWi system that you need to install on a PC where all the screens are connected to. 

It can be installed in the following connectivity variants:
MAWi Zero - Installed on the PC where all the zero clients are assigned to.
MAWi Spacewall - Installed on the PC where all the MAWi Players are assigned to.
MAWi TC - Installed on the Terminal Server, where all the thin clients and RDP sessions are running.
MAWi Standalone - Installed on a standalone PC that is connected directly to a TV.
MAWi USB - Installed on a PC that is connected to multiple USB video dongles.

How to setup the MAWi Agent

1 To open MAWi Agent Settings and Options - Right click on the hidden items of Task Bar - Right Click over MAWi Agent icon - Go to Settings

2 .Options inside MAWi Agent Settings 

1 MAWi Agent Version
Version of MAWi Agent installed on this Computer
2 Local Gateway IP
IP where MAWI Agent will contact MAWi Server, could be the same computer or different based on the Connectivity Option
3 Gateway Port
Port used for gateway connectivity, Default port is 60668 this can be changed from IIS
4 Location Name
Name given to this specific MAWi Agent PC that will help identify each PC on a multi-client environment (MAWi Standalone) 
5 Snapshot interval (Seconds)
It determines how many seconds a snapshot is sent to the preview inside MAWi´s Web Dashboard 
6 Use https Connection
Enables the communication using HTTP when a SSL Certificate is added, how to Add SSL Certificate to MAWi
*The rest of the options are Not available at the moment


First step of troubleshooting when remote displays are not visible inside MAWi´s Web Dashboard:

Open hidden apps inside the taskbar - right-click inside MAWi Agent app, Log Out - Enter Credentials - after a few seconds refresh the MAWi Dashboard using Shift + F5