MAWi User Management Guide: Creating and Managing Users

Guide to User Management in MAWi


This document is designed to assist MAWi system administrators in the creation and management of users on the MAWi platform.
It details the steps required to add new users, assign roles, set permissions, and manage access to content.

Add a new user account


Access the user management console, click on the Dashboard menu and proceed to the Admin Panel.


In the "View All Users" console, navigate to the green "+" button located at the top right corner.

In this window, enter all the required Personal Information and details for the new user.


- Administrator: Granted full access to all screens and administrative management consoles.
- Editor: Limited access to only those screens assigned by the system's administrator.
- Remote Control: Option to enable or disable remote control capabilities for a screen within the system.
Requires user confirmation
An email will be sent to the end user for confirmation and activation of their account.
Password Expiration
The password will expire after 60 days, at which point the end user will be prompted to renew their password.

In the "Screen Permissions" tab, assign the screens the 'Editor' user will have access to. If no screens are selected, the user will not have visibility of any screens in their dashboard.
Note that Administrators automatically have visibility to all screens in the system and do not require specific permissions to be set.

In the "Playlist Sharing" tab, you have the option to share any of the playlists you've created with other users within the system.

In the "Tag Sharing" tab, you have the option to share any of the tags you've created with other users within the system.

After finishing, click the "Save" button to add the new user to the system.

Enable Two-Factor Authentication

Use the guide below to enable the two-factor authentication option for your account:

Change Password

To change a password for an end user, click "edit" and navigate to the "Change Password" tab.

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