I can't see my screens in the MAWi management console

Troubleshooting Issue "I can't see my screens in the MAWi management console"


In this troubleshooting guide we will walk you through the steps to fix the issue where you are unable to see your screens in the MAWi management console.

1 - Are you connected over RDP to the host PC? 

You can’t use any remote control apps that control the Remote Session, such as Remote Desktop (RDP).

Only remote control apps that control the Console session can be used, such as:

Anydesk, VNC, Radmin, Dameware, Netsupport manager, TeamViewer, etc…

2 - Is the PC managing the screens locked?

In order for MAWI to operate properly, the user must be logged in all the time otherwise the Extended Desktop Mode is not operational. You must disable all security options that causes the PC to lock automatically as well.

Read more here

3 - Are you able to see the screens in the display settings as Extended screens?

Open the Display Settings of Windows and make sure that the screens are showing as Extended monitors:

4 - Is the OSBASE driver / Spacedesk driver installed.

During the MAWi installation process, in the Agent´s installation screen you have the option to install MAWi Zero or MAWi Spacewall Drivers.

To confirm if it was properly installed, please open the "Add or Remove Programs", search for OSBASE or spacedesk, based on your device.


If you skipped this part and the drivers are not installed, you can manually install it using this links below: 

5 -  Are you seeing the devices inside the Device manager?

- If you are using MAWi Zero, open the Device Manager and you should see the following:

In the DirectDisplay branch you should see your devices. Make sure you see all of them.
In the Display Adapters branch you should see the OSBASE DirectDisplay device

In case you are not seeing the above, please try to use this guide.

- If you are using MAWi Spacewall, open the Device Manager and you should see the following:

In the Display Adapters branch you should see the spacedesk Graphics Adapter device.

In case you are not seeing the above, make sure the spacedesk status is set to On in the driver console:

6. The MAWi Players are not assigned automatically after a reboot 

For the MAWi Players to automatically re-connect to the host PC, you will need to assign them from the MAWi Management Console. 

You will need to know the device’s IP address, so you can assign it using the MAWi management console.

– Open the MAWi management console in your browser.
– Click on the Dashboard menu > Go to ‘Admin Panel‘ > Click on the ‘Display Config tool’
– Select your Location from the list and accept the UCA elevation request.
- If you can see the IP of the devices, but is not connected after a reboot, select the device, click on settings and select "Assign to the Current Location"
– If you can´t see the IP of the devices on the list of ‘Available devices’, press on the + icon and add its IP address.
- Click on the option "Assign to the Current Location".
Repeat this